Broken Jigsaw is complete… Broken Locket started..!!

As most of you know, last year I was shortlisted for the Festival of Romance New Talent Award. I was so excited. Of course it meant getting a new dress, new handbag and of course new shoes (what night out doesn’t?) but I also got to meet some amazing people.

me and haydn at festival of romance

Since then, I took a very expensive decision and had an extension built on my house. If I really, really want to be a writer. I have to take it seriously (I’m a bit OCD) everything has to be right.


First the footings were dug.

during the build

Then the bricks and roof…

after the build

During the time that the extension was being built, I carried on working on Broken Jigsaw.


Many people kept asking me….

is the book done yet

So…. I sent it out to three different beta readers, all published authors and one who gave me an amazing insight into how the police work, another who specialises in romance and the third is a horror writer. As you can imagine, I got back the critique (all very different), put my head in my hands, screamed a little and then got down to work.

Obviously… there was lots of…


And then… as if by magic. I emerged from  my office worse for wear and with a few grey hairs… but here it is…. my first novel complete.

broken Jigsaw

So, what’s next.???

I’ve already sent the manuscript off to an agent  and also I’ve entered Broken Jigsaw into the New Writers Scheme.

In the mean time. I’ve begun writing book 2.

Broken Locket.

I honestly believe that over the past year, I have learn’t so much. Realised that this is something I can do and what’s more it’s something I want to and have to do.

real writer has to write

Broken Locket is once again full of intrigue. A broken hero and a heroine who does everything she can to help him. There will of course be a murder, or two. A love affair, dubious happenings around the hall and a whole host of family members, including an ex-fiance to stir things up.

The backdrop to the story is my favourite hotel Wrea Head Hall which is in Scalby, Nr Scarborough.

night at wrea head

Here I am, sat in it’s lovely garden……. oh… and did I mention the puppy…??

puppy 4

Oh yes… this is Buddy who plays a part in Broken Locket.

He’s an excitable, springer spaniel puppy with a zest for life, biscuits and belly rubs. Why you ask…. well…. just because I love springer spaniel puppies. I know how much fun they can be and I also know they can get into all sorts of trouble.

and finally

I now have my own home office in which to work and I love it.

home office

As Sales Director for the office furniture company where the furniture came from, you’d think my crazy if I didn’t give us a plug.

All furniture, desking and stationery supplies are available from:

We’re a Doncaster based firm but we do travel nationwide with furniture and stationery. (minimum order applies)

Also, I’m really looking forward to going to the RNA conference this year… if you see me, please say hello. I’d love to meet you.



Lynda x


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