Guest Interview With Jane Lovering

Good Morning.

Today I’m really excited to have the amazing Jane Lovering with me.

She’s popped over to visit and even though I’ve hid the hob nobs and the wine, she still agreed to come and answer a few questions for me.


But first…. A little about Jane

Jane lives in North Yorkshire with her five children, three cats, two dogs, four chickens and an ever-increasing number of bacteria.  Jane believes housework happens to other people, and writes romantic comedy novels in a frantic attempt to avoid being asked to ever do any.  She works by day in a local school, writes in the evenings and never watches television, unless it’s Doctor Who or anything featuring Tony Robinson.  She has five novels  published by Choc Lit Publishing, her most recent being Falling Apart.

Her novel ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ was voted Romantic Comedy of the Year and overall Romantic Novel of the Year for 2012, which enable Jane to give a series of rambling speeches which featured incontinence wear far more frequently than anyone liked.

  1. What is your favourite memory of writing?

Probably would have to be winning the Romantic Novel of the Year in 2012, with Please Don’t Stop the Music.  I’ve probably got lots of other things writing related that I should remember, but I plead age and alcohol

please don't stop the music

2. Where / what do you draw your inspiration from?

I really have no idea.  Things just sort of leap into my head.  I’ll be listening to a piece of music or reading a travel brochure (I read a lot of travel brochures, I’ve no idea why, I haven’t been on holiday since 2010 and will probably never go anywhere outside Yorkshire ever again, but the pictures are nice) and suddenly there will be a thought or a sentence or a title that pops up.  Sometimes I even remember to write it down before it evaporates.

3. From any of your novels, which was your favourite character? Which of your books was this from?

Oh, that’s like asking which of my children is my favourite!  How can I possibly choose?  Although, in books (doesn’t work with children) the most recent is often the most memorable, so maybe I could say Daniel Bekenner, the Editor-From-Hell in the book I’ve just finished writing.  He dresses all in black, wears a big swirly coat and has a cool tattoo, and I’m really rather fond of him.  He’s in I Don’t Want to Talk About It, for future reference…

4. Describe in two paragraphs your own petfect hero. 

Two paragraphs is an awful lot of words to say, cool, funny, emotionally literate, intelligent, not afraid of emotional displays.  And/or Tony Robinson.


5. Would you ever, or have you ever used parts of your own life within your novels?

Now, if I say ‘yes’ everyone is going to wonder which parts, possibly to a prurient and intrusive degree, so I’ll just say no.  Saves a lot of bother all round.

6. When is your favourite time of the year to write?

In winter my house is very, very cold (we have to defrost the cat), and the combination of short days and achingly cold hands doesn’t make for much inspiration.  If I was allowed to hibernate, I would.  In summer I can write in the holidays as well, so it’s both more productive and more pleasant. know, ice cream…

7. Just for fun…. Biscuits or Chocolate..??

Can I say both..?


8.  What are you currently working on. ? Anything new in the pipeline?

Funny you should ask… I’ve just completed the above mentioned I Don’t Want to Talk About It, I’m about to start a new contemp called Crush, I’m working on a novella called Corinthia and the Bear and I’ve got another release this year from Choc Lit, in December – a contemporary called How I Wonder What You Are…

So, short answer, yes.

9. You’ve just released Falling Apart. Tell us a little about it 

Falling Apart is a sequel to Vampire State of Mind, it’s about vampires and humans co-existing in Britain.  Look, to save time, here’s the blurb…

‘In the mean streets of York, the stakes just got higher – and even pointier.

Jessica Grant liaises with Otherworlders for York Council so she knows that falling in love with a vampire takes a leap of faith. But her lover Sil, the City Vampire in charge of Otherworld York, he wouldn’t run out on her, would he? He wouldn’t let his demon get the better of him. Or would he?

Sil knows there’s a reason for his bad haircut, worse clothes and the trail of bleeding humans in his wake. If only he could remember exactly what he did before someone finds him and shoots him on sight.

With her loyalties already questioned for defending zombies, the Otherworlders no one cares about, Jess must choose which side she’s on, either help her lover or turn him in. Human or Other? Whatever she decides, there’s a high price to pay – and someone to lose.’


Finally a really great book about vampires. I loved Vampire State of Mind which was Jane’s first book in this series, but can I say Falling Apart really lives up to my much anticipated expectations.

falling apart

This is not just a book about Vampires. Its a book about relationships, romance and humour.

Jess and the very sexy Sil do their best to overcome their differences and between them they prove that you can conquer the world, even if you are very different people…. or a person and a otherworld person.

five stars

I give it 5 stars… as i would any of Jane’s books. Love, love, love them…. In fact… you should read them all.

If you are about to download Falling Apart… Download Vampire State of mind too and read this first. You won’t be disappointed.


Next week we have the lovely Elaine Everest… I can’t wait x

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