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Jane Lovering and How I wonder what you are..!!


I’ve just been on a wonderful holiday with my husband to the Dominican Republic.

Yes, he’s walking again, and after last year, this is a miracle in itself.

While on my holiday, I did the normal laying on a sunbed. Reading, sleeping and like all readers, I picked up my kindle and glanced through the books that I’d downloaded last year while looking after my husband, but didn’t have time to read.

It was at this moment that my eyes lit up and I had a great BIG SMILE on my face.


I still had JANE LOVERING’S new novel, ‘How I wonder what you are’ to read.

As soon as I’d finished, I went onto amazon like any good reader would do and I wrote my 5 star review.

five stars

My review: The lead characters, Phinn and Molly are amazing. They have great banter which makes them very real and believable. This book keeps you guessing right to the end.
Molly is a deep character and although she comes over as very bubbly, you know she’s been hurt and that hurt is deep.You can’t help but to love her and have empathy with her. Love this character.

Phinn, is typically male. Rugged but just a little geeky. He has an amazing soft side which makes him a complete heart throb.Loved his star gazing character.

Jane’s style of writing is hilarious. Love her humour and have all of her books. Another great read from Jane Lovering.

So, now I’m back from holiday…. I pinned Jane down (not literally, she could still move all of her arms and legs independently)  to an interview, and asked her lots of questions about the book and other writerly things:

Here they are.

Question: Both of your character names have either unusual first or surnames. Where did you get the character names from?

Phinn is a name I love, usually spelled as Finn, but I thought, with his background his parents would give him the full version of Phinneas.  His surname is Baxter, because I wanted a name that would abbreviate – he and his best friend Link went to a minor public school and they all tend to use either nicknames or surnames, so Link calls him ‘Bax’.  Molly Gilchrist…no idea where that came from…

how I wonder

Question: Tell us about Stan.?

Stan is based on our family pony Jack.  He’s a 13.3 Fell, all mane and tail and feathery legs, a winter coat that you could lose a baby in and the steadiest, kindest nature of any equine ever.  My youngest daughter used to pull herself up to standing using his tail when she was learning to walk, and he was endlessly patient with small children wanting to polish his feet and brush his mane. This is Jack with my boys Wills and Tom, when they were very young.


Stan, however, has a slightly more pedestrian nature than Jack, however.  Jack loves to jump and canter about on the moors.  Stan needs a lot of incentives to break into a trot.  Also, Jack never ate anyone.

Question: Does Riverdale exist and if so, where is it?

Riverdale is an amalgamation of several places on the moors. This is a picture of me stood on the moors, isn’t it pretty?


A little bit like Rosedale and a little bit like Sinnington, with a dash of the high moorland thrown in.  And yes, there is absolutely no phone signal in most of those places.


Question: E-book or real book and why?


That depends.  E books are great for trying out new authors, or carrying loads of reading material around, on holiday for example.  But for the real ‘reading experience’ it has to be paperback, just for the smell and feel.


There’s something about the anticipation of cracking that spine and opening those pages…and yes, I know cracking the spine is naughty, but it’s only really bad if you do it to people.

Question: Would you ever used parts of your own life in a novel?

That would be telling.  And probably actionable.

embarrised emoticon

Question: How many books have you written, which is your favourite and where did the inspiration come from?

I have probably written about twenty books, but of those, only eight have so far seen the light of day, which is for the best.  Those early ones were bad.  I mean, shockingly bad.  Really.  And favourites?  I don’t know if I have favourites – books are bit like children, in that you appreciate all of them for what they are… but, unlike children, the one you are working on at the moment is nearly always the one you think is ‘best’.

please dont stop the music

However, I am particularly fond of Please Don’t Stop the Music, because it won me an award, and the book that is currently in edits, I Don’t Want to Talk About It, which was inspired by a dismantled water mill and my eldest daughter’s hobby horse.


Question: What are you working on now?

I’m just getting started on a timeslip-type story, involving an archaeological dig on the North York Moors and a history teacher who starts getting unwelcome glimpses back through time to the Bronze Age.  It’s currently called Living in the Past.


Question: I know you’re normally a book or two in front, what with edits, so… What’s coming next?

Well, there’s the book I’ve just finished, which is about the staff who work at Monkpark Hall,  one of those historic houses that’s open to the public, specifically Amy who works in the teashop and Josh who flies birds of prey in demonstrations, when a new Administrator comes to take over the running of Monkpark, and Amy is mistaken for a ghost…

Question: How can people hear more about your work?

Well, if they’re feeling sturdy, there’s my blog/website over at


I’m also on Twitter as @JaneLovering (because it’s my name) and I have an author page at Facebook.


My publishers also have a page on me (it’s all right, it’s not sinister or anything, they have pages on all their authors), and that’s at: