Review of The Perfectly Imperfect Woman by Milly Johnson

Definitely a FIVE STAR read….!!


This book is amazing and this author is absolutely fantastic. .I haven’t read one book by her that I haven’t loved.

The lead character, Marnier is well drawn. Her character is just a little vulnerable with just enough attitude to get her through life. On every turn of the page I was rooting for her. I really wanted her to succeed and more than that, I really wanted her to find love. I found the two elderly ladies in the book just wonderful. First we had Mrs McMaid, an elderly lady that comes into Marnier’s life at a young age, and then Lillian who she meets much later. Both ladies have very loving and nurturing qualities and Milly Johnson really brings each one to life on the page. Then…. well then we meet the hero. I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving spoilers, but all I can say is ‘wow’ he’s looooovely. He too has his own conflicts, but he’s very well drawn and you can’t help but hope that this book has a happy ending for them both.

Would I recommend this book…. OH YES… very much so…!!

Available for pre-order… Here’s the buying link….

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