The last 10 years in the life of an author..!

I wasn’t going to write about my last decade, because even to me it sounds depressing, we’ve had just as much trauma, as success.

The problem is, because you keep smiling, because you keep working and trying to do your best, everyone thinks that life must be great.

When in fact, that isn’t always the case.

The beginning of the decade

Most of you know that I’d worked hard to become a scuba diving instructor, a sport/job that I absolutely loved. But, following a car accident that left me in considerable pain I found myself having no choice but to sell my scuba school. 

After working full time plus doing lesson plans, weekends away diving and numerous trips abroad each year. I suddenly found myself bored on an evening and weekend. Which is when I began to write. Writing had always been something I was going to do… when I had time. Well, there’s nothing like not being able to lift your arms above your waist to make you sit still for a while and my writing adventure began.

In 2013, I joined the RNA (Romantic Novelist Association) and entered my novel, then called Broken Jigsaw into the Festival of Romance New Talent Award. Astonishingly, my novel was shortlisted and I found myself attending the black tie event in Bradford. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. But the fact that I’d been shortlisted encouraged me to keep writing.

2014 was a horrendous year. 
Haydn snapped his achilleas and was unable to walk for almost six months without the aid of crutches. Seeing him this way completely broke me. And quite honestly, it was a year we were pleased to see the back of.

2015 I won Choc Lit’s Search for a Star competition with House of Secrets. I’d achieved my dream of becoming a published author. I began the York Afternoon Tea, now a huge success that has been taken on as an annual event by the RNA.

Then, The Fake Date (then called Revenge) was shortlisted for the Elizabeth Goudge Award) It was the boost I really needed and felt as though something had finally gone right.

Then, in 2016 I was looking forward to my debut novel House of Secrets being published. I’d already begun working on book 2, knowing that a second book would always be difficult and challenging. 
But then in February, while in the Caribbean, Haydn had the most horrendous accident and after falling, he completely detached his hamstring. We ended up spending nights in the local hospital, a nightmare I never want to repeat and again, I saw my husband in a wheelchair being carried up aircraft steps and taken through all the disability corridors at both the Dominican Republic and Philadelphia airport, (the only route to getting him back to England.) It’s times like this that you realise who your friends are and with just one or two exceptions (you know who you are) I quickly found out that if I wanted something done, it was down to me to do it. The house, the gardens, the shopping, cooking and working full time made it a tough year. People who I thought might offer some help, even if that had been to mow the lawns, didn’t. Every day for months was a struggle. Life for both of us will never be the same and again, I was very pleased to see the back of it.

2017 House of Secrets was shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award, another lovely trip to London. But with extensive pain in my shoulders, I found myself going to the doctors the day before the London award ceremony and begging him to give me cortisone injections, just so I could get dressed once I got there. I literally couldn’t dress myself and sobbed with the pain every single time I tried.
Tell me no Secrets was published and House of Christmas Secrets (book 3) had been written and The Fake Date was started. Having so much pain had meant that I sat a lot and writing was my escape.

My new found love of cruising….!

2018 saw The Fake Date was released and my website won The Writers Award for The Best Website. I was also shortlisted for the Australian Romance Reader Awards with Tell me no Secrets but with the ceremony being in Sydney, Australia…. I didn’t get to go.

2019 My fifth book, (who’d have believed I’d write five books)… Keeper of Secrets was published and I learned that I loved cruising. And I achieved another dream of being THAT author who got to stand in WHS Meadowhall with my banner and sell my books. What an amazing experience.

Here, at WHS, with my 3 wonderful godsons… A very happy day.!!

This year has been a strange one. I’ve got through my own private battles, again a lot of lessons were learned and I’ll go to bed tonight way before midnight and just hope that 2020 is a better year.

So many things have happened. All of this, while working full time as a Sales Director for a very successful office supplies company,
A company that I’m equally as proud of as I am all my books. 

My day job… being a Sales Director is both challenging and rewarding..!

During this time, I’ve met some of the most amazing people. 
I feel so very fortunate that authors who I used to read and admire, I can now call friends. I love you all… xx

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and family a very happy New Year from myself and Haydn x

Let’s raise a glass to the next decade. Let’s see how much more we can do. x

3 thoughts on “The last 10 years in the life of an author..!

  1. Wow Lynda, that’s been some decade for you. Having a triple break to my ankle back in 2018 I know what it feels like to be in a foreign country and very much wanting to be home. Your journey was much longer than mine so I can only imagine the stress levels for both of you.
    Here’s hoping the next decade will be a gentler one. Best wishes to both of you for a happy and successful 2020. x


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