My readers in pictures..!

Firstly can I say that I’m so grateful that readers take the time to send me pictures of themselves with my books that I thought they deserved a page of their own. AND… as always, if you have a picture of yourself with one of my books… or kindle image, and you don’t mind me using it on the website, please email it to me xxx

I do have full permission to use these pictures

My youngest reader…

Elsie Porter…. checking out the book even though it might be a few years before she can read it properly…!
(picture taken 2017)

My oldest reader…

Joyce Goodyear

This wonderful lady is Joyce Goodyear. I met her when I went to speak to the WI one evening. She bought all 3 of my books and she’s apparently really enjoying them, even though she describes them as being ‘a bit racey…!’
She happily told me that she always liked to keep a book under her bed, so that she could read during the night.
I asked if she woke up often in the night… her response was…
‘I am 98 you know….’
(picture taken March 2019)

My furthest travelled Reader…

Darlene Miller

What Darlene Miller thought and did after reading HOUSE OF SECRETS….
I live in Florida and recently travelled to stay at Wrea Head Hall near Scarborough. I have friends that live in Cambridgeshire who stayed there last year. While there, they picked up the book, “House of Secrets” and sent it to me. I was so enthralled with this book that I couldn’t put it down. As soon as I finished it, I wrote the author, Lynda Stacey, to tell her how much I loved it! I already had a holiday booked to come visit my friends in England so we were able to fit in one night to stay at the Hall. We had a magnificent time there. The book added a magical feeling to the whole experience. I highly recommend this book and now I’m waiting for “Christmas Secrets” to be released! Thank you Lynda for taking us all on this adventure!
(picture taken 2018)

A reader who takes me to the beach…

Margaret Hodgson in New Zealand
(picture taken 2018)

Or to the pool…

Elizabeth Leggot in Dubai
(picture taken 2018)

Or… my amazing readers have been known to take me on holiday with them…

If you have a picture of you with one of my books in a lovely destination…. please send to …!!