Public Speaking Fees

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I’m fully qualified in public speaking and speak at many different types of events. A few of these include: schools, women’s institute and prisons (both male and female). My fees reflect the type of talk I would give and the environment in which I would give it.

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  1. Schools
  2. Women’s Institute
  3. Prisons and Young Offenders


During my time with you I talk about my education, about how I had no oportunity to go to university, how I left school during the miners strike of 1984, and how I went out to work to pay for my family’s food.

I am not proud that I didn’t do well at school, but I am proud of what I’ve done since leaving.

My story is long and complex, I’m sure most teenagers would not only be shocked by my story, but also inspired.!!

Schools within the Doncaster area: £200 per session of 1 hour 30 mins, no more than 20 students per session. £350 for two sessions running consecutively.

Women’s Institute. Attendance 1 hour 30 minutes.

During the time I’m with you, I talk about my life, how I create my heroines, my hero’s and my villians. My talk lasts for around 30 to 40 minutes, after which I’m happy to take questions, all of which I’ll answer as honestly as I can. I do sell books at the end of my session, but due to rising costs, I do not pay a commission against sales back to the institute. Sorry.!


Within a 20 mile radius of Doncaster £65

Between 20 and 50 mile of Doncaster £80

50 miles and over…. sorry, too far for me to travel to for an hour and a half.

Prison’s and Young Offenders

Please note: This is an environment that I have worked in before.!!

I live in Doncaster and prisons seem to surround us. I’m therefore very keen to speak at these venues to tell my story. I came from extremely humble beginnings. I grew up in a mining community and fast found myself getting into the wrong circles, and the wrong marriage.

I tell of how I turned my life around. Of how I could have easily ended up in the prison system myself and of how, with barely any qualifications, I became successful.

I’ll never be ashamed of where I came from, the start I had in life made me who I am today. But… I would like to say that I’m very proud of how hard I’ve worked, how much sacrifice I’ve given and of how, with no qualifications, I became a Sales Director, a Scuba Diving Instructor and an author. My story is long, and complex… I honestly believe that I can bring good value, good advice and inspiration to all who’d listen.


Prison’s and Young Offenders Institute within Doncaster:

£300 per 1 hour 30 mins. For 2 sessions: £440, for 3 sessions £550. No more than 3 sessions per day.

No more than 10 attendees per session. Guard must be in attendace at all times.

Prisons and Young Offenders Institutes outside Doncaster:

£300 per 1 hour 30 mins. For 2 sessions: £440 and for 3 sessions, £550… plus 50p per mile up to a maximum of 100 miles. No more than 3 sessions per day.

No more than 10 attendees per session. Guard must be in attendace at all times.